For Misty


This is about Misty, my little dog.  She’s funny, loves to play, and REALLY loves to eat.  We have had her for over three years now, and boy, she has had some odd things happen to her. 

1. A heavy pogo stick landed on her head.

2. Had surgery about 4 or 5 times.

3. Got attacked by a big black dog in Tahoe.

4. Almost fell out of the car.

5. Got thrown in the pool with a bunch of rowdy boys at my brothers birthday party.

Just to name a few!!  But she’s still with us, and we have lots of fun!  She barks whenever the door bell rings.  She loves to take walks, and needs to, cause she’s a little on the beefy side. I believe there is a picture of her on my Mom’s blog. ( I’ll try to get pictures up and going soon.  Just wanted to share another little part of my little world!!  She’s the best dog!!


6 Responses to “For Misty”

  1. yah. that sounds like the dog has lots of guts. that also sounds like my dog.

  2. When she got attacked by the big black dog, she was biting it back, and she’s tiny. haha….what kind of dog do you have?

  3. a big black dog. lol 🙂 golden retriver/ rotwiler

  4. haha…It would be a big black dog, huh? I hope it’s nice…lol

  5. yes it is nice. he wont hurt anything except if he acceidently runs into u but than he lays on the ground w/ until u get up so he is really nice.

  6. Oh that’s good he’s nice…what’s his name?? My friends have a big black dog named Webster…his middle name is dictionary. lol

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